Muskie opportunities abound at River Edge Outfitters!

Fishing Lac Seul, Big Vermilion Lake, and the English River system

Here at River Edge Outfitters you are literally in the middle of the best fishing in the area. We are located on Big Vermilion Lake and are surrounded by the English River system to the south and east. Going west and north, the renowned Lac Seul and it’s quality fishery is close at hand as well.

Whether your fishing pleasure is walleye, northern pike, bass, muskie or trout, you are not far from anything when you stay at River Edge Outfitters.

The English River and Minnitaki System

The English River and Minnitaki System is also well known for its variety of fish species and its mysterious structure of bays, points, reefs and current. This area is especially known for its late season trophy fish in which it takes a little bit different tactic than normal to catch them but where the payoff is ‘Big’. This chain of lakes is not quite as big as Lac Seul, but every bit as interesting and in our opinion has a prettier shoreline. Do not forget your map here though, as it can be a little tricky the first few times out.

Northern Pike, Muskie, Walleye and Bass are the main fair of the English River/Minnitaki system, but other species like White Fish, Yellow Perch and even Trout are found there and all within a close drive from River Edge Outfitters.


Big Vermilion Lake Fishing

Big Vermilion Lake, Home of River Edge Outfitters empties into Pelican Lake which is part of the English river chain. Beginning with Musky and Hooch the run off waters flow from there into Little Vermilion, the little sister Lake of Big Vermilion. From there it makes its way over twin falls into Big Vermilion and from Big Vermilion into Pelican via a 50 ft. falls. The clear waters of Muskie and Hooch continue down through the Vermilion Lakes and finally mix with the stained water at Pelican Lake.

Women with Big Lake Trout CatchBig Vermilion Lake is no sissy lake either with a basic east-west layout the wind can make the sheltered bays look pretty attractive. Rock piles and reefs are the norm on this lake and travel can be hazardous if you are not familiar with the area. For bass, muskie and trout though this is a fantastic lake. The bass fishing has been reported as getting better and better with June fishermen catching as many as 100 per day.

For trout there is a slot size limit but as for quantity of fish I have heard no complaints. If you are a hardy fisherman the late season trout can be an attraction you will remember for the rest of your life. Picture casting into shallows with a five of diamonds or your favourite crank bait and strike after strike of aggressive trout up from the depths of the lake preparing for spawn, grabbing whatever you throw at them. This fishing happens only if the weather cools off enough before the end of September for the fish to come up, but when it happens, you won’t miss it again.

The same action occurs in the spring when the ravenous trout invade the shallows to seek food after the long winter out in the deep. This is usually a couple of weeks after ice out when the southern bays start to warm up.

The muskie seasonally spawn just past River Edge Outfitters and around the corner and August to early fall is the favourite time for muskie, but the summer has provided its fair share. The rock reefs with weeds and points make the outlet of Big Vermilion a favourite spot among muskie anglers.

These three lake systems in themselves are worth the trip to River Edge Outfitters where you can explore, experience our great fishing and take in the breathtaking sunsets. Across the shimmering water with pine and spruce trees outlining the horizon are a picture you won’t forget or want to miss again. The lakes and forests in this area of Canada are simply beautiful.

Lac Seul Fishing

The well known Lac Seul sporting thousands upon thousands of acres of prime walleye, northern, muskie and bass fishing is a mere 4 kilometres down the road from River Edge Outfitters. Being close by you can enjoy a day on the south east portion of Lac Seul and experience the famous waters and it’s great fishing opportunities.

For the more adventurous you can head north on Lac Seul and check out the many bays, narrows and points that make this lake so interesting. There is always something new around the next corner. If you are looking for structure in a lake, this lake abounds in reefs, drop offs, weed beds and variable depths. From shallow bays to deep pools and pockets, you will find that watching your SONAR is as interesting as the fishing.

Do not forget your map though, because with the size of the lake and something new around each corner it is hard to tell islands from mainland at times and if you are not familiar with the lake these can be hazardous including reefs and if it is windy, you may want to seek shelter behind a piece of land, as it can really blow out of the west.

That is what is nice about being in the middle of the best fishing in the area at River Edge Outfitters. If the winds or weather are not conducive to a long day away or you want to be back at camp to dry off by noon, you can choose the lake you want to fish to suit the weather. With many islands and points it is not hard to find a comfortable place to fish in the worst of winds.

In September the weather can bring new meaning to the word adventure, if you are out and about in a boat with sleet and rain mixing with the wind. Hardy fisherman is the word that comes to my mind.

Lac Seul is a lake that is not a dish pan bottom, it is a flooded timber area of valleys and hills along with the rocky Canadian Shield covered in water. What were creeks before are now rapids or deep troughs and the flat areas are now bays with stumps still sticking up out of the water. This lake will hold your interest for many years and it is a lake that can never be fully known.


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