Fishing Lac Seul

Have you ever dreamed about having your own private Lake to fish on?

I have a map in my possession that officially says that Lac Seul is almost 350,000 acres.

Most of us dreaming about our own private fishing lake are not really thinking that size, but more like a decent sized pond that we can keep our boat at without the fear that all our gear is gone in the morning including the motor.

Well some of these thoughts were going through my head on a recent outing on Lac Seul during this bizarre time we are in. I can’t remember (which in itself doesn’t really mean anything in light of the rest of my daily routine and how common that statement has become) the last time that the locals owned the water of Lac Seul or all the water for that matter in the area after ice out. Actually I would probably wager a great deal on the reality that it probably has not been in a couple of life times.

Picture waking up and there is no traffic on the highway on a late May morning. The odd car going by to town for work or some groceries, a couple of essential worker vehicles heading up to repair some needed item, but where are the zoom zoom of fisherman going by pulling their rigs up to the boat ramp for a day of walleye fishing or new guests arriving for the next changeover at the fish camps/resorts. Gone, it’s like I was transported to a different part of the country where fishing is done no more or there are no lakes in the area.

Nice Walleye Catch

But, if you take a short drive from where I live you find down a secret back road my private fishing lake. Oh, it’s not huge, I’m sure it would only take a few days to travel from one end to the other if I had a really big and fast boat. Do I know it well, being it is “my” private lake. No not yet but I’m sure I could if I spent a couple more life times at it. Cost? I got it for nothing. Oh, I give the town a donation once a year to access it but no, it doesn’t cost to use my lake and I hardly ever see any one sneaking on to it. Actually I have let it be known that if anyone in the area wants to use it they are welcome to but I don’t see many taking me up on my offer.

Take the other day for example. A friend of mine and I headed up to “my” lake the other day for a day of fishing.  I have a huge parking lot at the shore in case someone wants to take me up on my offer to fish there but the other day it was empty.

We launched and headed up the lake for a spring fish. The day was sunny and a light breeze. The going was good and we got to one of our spots in about 45 minutes. We didn’t see anyone else on the lake on the way up but did see someone up at the place we were going to fish, but they moved as we got there and disappeared. I was glad someone else was up there as being on 350,000 acres of water if you have any issues with the boat there is not much help near by.

Well we fished most of the day and I have included a picture of a couple of our catches but we were mostly catching slot fish and I brought four keepers home because I don’t get out much.

I hate to admit it but my friend out fished me and it wasn’t that I let him because it was his boat or being my lake I was being a good host. He also caught the bigger fish, one being 27 ½ inches and a few in the 25 and 26 range. Numbers, it was probably a little slower and we only were in the 75 category as the fish were just transitioning to the summer area due to the water temps. Hungry? The fish were and very aggressive, none of that dead stick stuff. Alone? Totally. I mentioned to my friend on the way back how it was too bad no one was taking me up on using my 350,000 acre lake. We were pleasantly surprised though on the way back we saw about three local boats that were coming out to use my lake after they had supposedly got off work or done their duties for the day. We waved as we went by.

Well, who would have known that I would one day have a lake of my own and not just the puddle I had dreamt of in the past but an unending collection of bays and reefs and islands that stretch on to “Never Never Land”. You know what I think I am going to do? I am going to advertise my lake to the people in The United States and see if some of them would take me up on my offer to use this great expanse of water if the locals won’t use it to its full potential.

I hope It happens soon.