COVID-19 Update

Emergency orders Extended to June 9th

Tourist camps are considered “Non Essential” businesses under the emergency order.

We are also deemed or fall into the category of short term rentals which is why we fall into the “Non Essential business category above and as such cannot be open unless we are housing “Essential Workers” that are Self isolating.

This is the provincial guideline that we fall under and are regulated by and we need to get to the phase where “Non Essential” businesses can be open regardless of the state of the border between the U.S. and Canada.

The border is regulated by the Federal government so the Provincial and Federal governments need to decide together if they want people from another country coming into their respective provinces. Once a person comes across the federal border they could go from there into any province so they need to do it in a combined manner. There is reluctance to open the Federal Border until they have the local condition under control. Which understandably could really multiply the problems if you add more unknown into a situation not yet under control.

At this point and until June 9th while the emergency order is in place we would not be able to house any one even if the border were open. There are a lot of details to work out for the government in respect to opening short term rental places safely. In place now is an order that anyone entering the country must Self Isolate for 2 weeks. For a fisherman coming in for a 1 week long fishing trip this poses a problem. Also, the social distancing of 6 ft. poses a problem for 4 men coming from 4 different cities in one vehicle and spending a week in a cabin in close proximity. Add this to the requirements of special cleaning between people using the cabins and you have an unrealistic scenario where normal activity of a fishing trip can’t take place. Multiple vehicles would have to be used to travel. Multiple cabins would be needed to house a group of four individuals and a few days of cleaning would be required in between groups. Thus at this stage we can’t see either the lifting of the emergency order or the opening of the border.

I did see an article which equated that all of Ontario is being treated and measured by the state of the Virus in Toronto. Which in my opinion is not really intelligent for an economic stand point but I understand the reluctance of government to take on risk of this nature.

Looking forward the border is to be re assessed for opening on June 21st. Will this result in a positive move of reopening? It will depend on multiple factors and issues that need to be resolved, some of which have been mentioned above but others that have not been mentioned or have not even been considered yet. It is a waiting game and most of our guests are in apposition to wait and see but all of us would like to know what is going to happen in order to plan and prepare.

I will try and keep you posted as to the ongoing changes as they occur and do appreciate each one of you and both your patience and understanding. As “Red Green” is apt to say: “We’re all in this thing together”.