Around Camp This Week

This week around camp I went fishing with a friend up on Lac Seul.

With no one around and basically being confined to our open jail cell we are tackling jobs around camp. All of the cabins have been stained and Ann is aggressively fighting a Dandelion war on the property.

We haven’t opened up much in the way of cabins or even turned on water to all the cabins but like children with their noses pressed against the glass on a rainy day we watch the ever changing news story about where our future may surface. We’re hoping the government will pull us up and out before we run out of breath.

Time will tell.

We have talked too many of our guests, especially those who have had their time cancelled and also those that their time is quickly approaching. To all of you we appreciate your patience and willingness to roll over your time for next year in hopes of a better result.